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Maximus Pizza Oven
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Maximus Pizza Oven
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Maximus Pizza Oven
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Contruction from the «MAXIMUS»

Outside:Aluminium wall

Inside:Stainless steel Double wall with high temperature ceramic blanket and a special fire-Blanket.

Floor: Refractory Tiles

Front:Refractory cement (lafarge) and inside structure forged iron

Chimney:100% Stainless steel

Shipped in a crate

Inside Diameter: 60x60cm

External Dimensions:

Width: 70cm

Depth: 70cm

Height: 65cm

Weight: 55kgs

Output: Up to 40 unit.( Ø25cm) or 25 unit. ( Ø40mm) Pizzas Hour

Pizza Capacity: 2 pizzas Ø 25cm-1 Ø40cm Pizzas

Wood consumption: 3kgs Hour



Garden Pizza oven for all your outdoor living this summer ,
Pizza, chicken, kebabs, bread, fish, etc,
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